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  • Phenomenal Clinical Tool!
    Phenomenal Clinical Tool! As a sports acupuncturist I've been looking for laser for a long time. I have had amazing results in a very short amount of time with coMra and my patients love it!

    – Holly G.

  • “Thank you, you’re an angel!”
    “Thank you, you’re an angel!” My hand and arm are so happy, my neck too! I can't believe that my back is almost pain free also..

    – Raul R.

  • “Over a year of debilitating pain…”
    “Over a year of debilitating pain…” After a few treatments of coMra I was able to manage a shoulder injury that had been crippling most every day movements. Thanks Rebecca for bringing coMra-Therapy into my life!

    – Ralph M. 

  • “Real and lasting results!”
    “Real and lasting results!” 3 years of chronic swelling and pain in my knees from the Army was taken care of with ONE treatment (905 PRO). Almost 2 years later the results are still holding strong!

    – Jonathan M.

  • “The metal rod in my leg has been causing chronic shin splints…”
    “The metal rod in my leg has been causing chronic shin splints…” For as active as I am, coMra has been a huge help! After only a few treatments the pain is not nearly as intense as before, even during my workouts.

    – Patrick M.

  • “coMra delivers results!!!”
    “coMra delivers results!!!” I believe coMra is the best holistic, non-invasive therapy out there! Elevated Health offers a level of professionalism, knowledge and commitment to coMra that I find to be unparalleled.

    – Damon D. 

  • “Herniated Discs are such a pain…”
    “Herniated Discs are such a pain…” After only a few treatments of coMra, the pain from my 2 herniated discs was reduced by 60% and I could sleep again! Amazing!

    – Natalie K.

  • “I can workout again!!”
    “I can workout again!!” After only one session of coMra, my shoulder felt better and I was back to the gym the next day!

    – Jay C.

  • “I thought arthritis pain was just a part of aging…”
    “I thought arthritis pain was just a part of aging…” Thanks to coMra, the arthritis pain in my neck and upper back is GONE!

    – Andrea K.

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Life with coMra

Rotator Cuff

Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Shoulder & Knee Pain

Nikopol Clinic: coMra-Therapy

Chosen Therapy For Children

The Nikopol Children’s Rehabilitation Centre has become the premier example of what is possible with coMra-Therapy for serious conditions with children. Specializing in nervous system diseases, when first presented with the opportunity to add coMra-Therapy to their treatment program, it was decided to put coMra to the test on the most difficult condition the clinic addresses, Cerebral Palsy.

The case study with Cerebral Palsy was so successful, that coMra has been a central part of treatment at the Nikopol clinic since 2012. During 2012 alone, 157 children received coMra-Therapy treatments, 29 of which received 2-3 courses of treatment.

Treatments of coMra-Therapy at the Nikopol clinic were responsible for developing the coMra-Therapy protocols for conditions such as variations of Cerebral Palsy, motor disorders, muscular hypotonia, chondrosis, scoliosis, neurasthenia, optic nerve atrophy and more.

Significant positive results were noted in all cases.

For more details on these cases and the Nikopol clinic, contact Elevated Health.

Now in Russia:


In October of 2017, the first ever coMra-Centre For Regenerative Medicine opened.

At the coMra-Centre, coMra is the only therapy used. Patients are being treated for every condition ranging from acute sickness such as the cold and flu, as well as for tough chronic diseases.

This clinic is shifting the perception of what is possible for such a powerful yet simple treatment that can be used in both a professional and home setting.

This clinic has been such a success already that a larger model with a substantial research component is now additionally in the works.

“When a coMra-Therapy device is available at home it becomes a part of daily self-care. What it means is that instead of waiting until a disease hits hard, listen to the body as it gently speaks about tensions it carries. Next, we learn how to trace these tensions to the challenges in our lives and address them. And, at the same time, use coMra to assist those organs and body systems that carry the burden of our learning process as human beings!”

– Dr. Arzhan Surazakov

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